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Honest Delight is a blog with inspiration for your home! We share easy, practical and fun ideas on DIY, Recipes, Home Decor, motherhood, and all the lovely things to make your home an Honest Delight. If you have always wanted to try DIY or get crafty but you don’t know where to start. We are here to help! Our neat tips, tricks and finds have the beginner DIY’er in mind. If you leave this site and you have learned something new, feel more confident in your DIY skills, or added joy to your home, then we have done our job!



Hi there! My name is Kristen. A busy Mom trying to figure out thriving in the domestic life.

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I have been married to a wonderful man named Welby for 15 years.

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We have two sweet kiddos who sometimes fight but overall really love each other.

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My 8 year old girl is creative, brilliant and I’m pretty sure she will be a girl boss when she grows up.

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My little boy is 4. He is hilarious, full of energy and always keeps this mamma on her toes.

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My husband and I did something adventurous in January 2018. We launched a new church called Hope Rising! My faith drives me in everything I do and is truly what makes our home happy.

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I have an amazing daughter who loves all things crafty. Here’s the thing, I am DIY and crafting challenged! I have glued my fingers together and yelled on multiple occasions while crafting. In an attempt to find and create easy DIY projects with my favorite girl, I discovered how totally doable and fun DIY can truly can be. I wanted to share with other DIY challenged friends all of the neat tips, tricks and finds. So, Honest Delight was born!

Along my journey to becoming more crafty I will share easy and practical DIY projects and ideas around the house that you can actually do! Projects that won’t break your bank or make you lose your mind. Sometimes my 8 year old daughter and I will tackle them together. Just to bring you encouragement and help you become totally artsy-fartsy!

Let’s join forces together and make some fun stuff. I’m here to tell you girl, you’ve got this!

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