Gorgeous Gift Wrapping in 4 Easy Steps

Gift wrapping in 4 easy steps

Oh happy day! I must confess, my love language is gift giving. I love giving gifts. My husband calls me Mrs. Claus around the holidays because I just can’t help myself. I also love to make people feel special when receiving a gift. What better way to make someone feel extra special than to give them a gift with gorgeous gift wrapping just for them?

If you are reading this, you probably love gift giving too or  you are just looking for inspiration. Either way, I’m so glad you are here I am excited to share an easy way to take your gift wrapping to another level!

Last month I went looking for ideas for gift wrapping. I was wrapping up child dedication gifts to give some families in our church. When I set out to spruce up the gift packages, my excitement quickly turned into frustration.

I realized I didn’t know what supplies to get or what on earth I was doing. I found a whole slew of lovely gift wrapping pictures all over Pinterest but there was no practical step-by-step guide that would show me HOW to ACTUALLY do this stuff. Because let’s be real, I NEED a How To and step-by-step. By nature I am not a crafty person, but because my daughter loves it so much and because the bills come every month and saving money is a must, I’m trying my best to be more resourceful!


The goal of this how to is to give you some gorgeous gift wrapping ideas and to save you the time that I wondered aimlessly down the isles of Hobby Lobby looking lost and afraid. I will show you what supplies to buy accompanied with a step by step gift wrapping tutorial in just 4 Easy Steps. So you can make the lucky person receiving this gift feel extra special, or simply to make you feel like you are freaking Martha Stewart! 😉

Here we go:


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I purchased asupplies from Hobby Lobby, Amazon also carries several of the supplies, and they ship right to your door!

Gift Box (2 count)
Tissue Paper
Wrapping Paper – Party Isle
Artificial Greenery (3 bunches)
Olive leaf garland
Gift Trim, thin burlap rope (2-60ft. spools)
Wire Cutters
Glue Dots Adhesives
Gift Wrapping Tape
Floral Tape

supplies list for gift wrapping
Supplies shown: Burlap ribbon/trim, glue dots, tape, scissors


These are a few valuable hacks that I learned about the supplies for this project. I got enough gift wrapping supplies for 10 gift boxes. If you are doing less, you may want to purchase fewer supplies. Or, you can buy the same amount and keep for later use.

Gift Box

The gift box I used is a regular T-shirt size (9×14). Found them on the PARTY isle at Hobby Lobby.

Tissue Paper

I love white tissue paper and always have it on hand in my handy gift wrapping organizer. I haven’t found a super cheap place to get tissue paper but leave me a comment if you found the jackpot for buying tissue paper!

Wrapping Paper

Over the years of playing Mrs. Clause I have gotten rather picky about wrapping paper. The absolute best I’ve found is found at Hobby Lobby, the brand is Brother Sister Design Studio. The thickness is fabulous. It’s easy to work with and they have the handy little square pattern on the back for straight lines. And it’s less expensive for how much you get on the roll. I chose the white and gray stripe, plain white and tiffany blue colors. These compliment the greenery well and look fresh and modern.

gift wrapping paper color assortment
Brother Sister wrapping paper is the best

Artificial Greenery

Finding the greenery was tough because I had no clue what to look for. I went over to the greenery isle in Hobby Lobby, not the floral section. My hacks are 1) Look for greenery that looks more real and less plastic like. Usually deeper colors with more detail make it look real. I was wanting modern and fresh so I went with olive leaf look alike. You could also use succulents, which are all the rage right now! Ultimately get what you think is pretty and floats your boat.

greenery bunch options
Look for silk greenery with variations of texture and color. Avoid fake looking greenery

Gift Trim

I bought the burlap rope gift trim on the PARTY isle at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. I saw some in the Ribbon area but it was double the price.

Wire Cutters

So I learned a valuable hack here. Scissors can cut wire but they will destroy them. Do yourself a favor and spare your scissors and grab some wire cutters to cut the greenery wire. I feel like Mom taught me this, but sometimes I get so focused on these projects and don’t want to walk into the garage. My bad!

Glue Dots

OH EMM GEE! I had never heard of this amazing product before I did this project. Let me tell you, game changer! It helps the ribbon and greenery stay in place, and I use it to secure the gift card/tag on the package. It’s like glue dots in a white out dispenser. All these years of gift wrapping, I’ve just rolled up my tape to make it double sided. No more, Glue Dots to save the day! I got mine on the PARTY isle at Hobby Lobby. Seriously. Go get some.

glue dots for gift wrapping
Glue dots for gift wrapping is a game changer

Gift Wrapping Tape

I happened to buy some Duck Tape brand invisible tape. Big mistake. It doesn’t well, stick at all. Now I know why Scotch gift wrapping tape is number one. It’s the best. No more Duck Tape invisible tape for me.

Floral Tape

Fun fact. If you purchase greenery bushes with floral tape already on them you can unravel and use that for this project to save you some money. If you wrap more than 4 gifts for this project, you will need to purchase a small spool of floral tape in the Floral Section.

floral tape for greenery assembly
Some greenery bunches come with floral tape. So you can use this to assembly your own unique bunch without purchasing extra


Step 1. Wrap It Up

First you will wrap the gift in tissue paper. Bust out your wrapping paper and wrap the box. Once the gift box is wrapped, you can crease along the edges to make the package have a nice, crisp finish.

Step 2. Create the Greenery Piece

Next, if you want to keep it simple and minimalistic, just use one strand of greenery. If you want to make more of a statement and add some oomph, create your own greenery piece by using several strands of greenery.

Using the wire cutters, cut 3 different sections from the 3 bushes I purchased. Make sure each piece has different heights and textures.

step 1 for greenery assembly

Then, Bunch the pieces you choose together and wrap floral tape around the stems. You may need to re-arrange until it looks even.

step 2 for gift wrap greenery assembly

Step 3. Tie It Up

You can get a little creative here on how much ribbon to use and where you want it to be placed. First, cut two strands of same length trim and place towards the bottom of the gift for a different look. Then, tie a knot in the front of the package and secure the trim in a few places on the package with our beloved Glue Dots.

Tie knot with burlap ribbon

Burlap ribbon gift box back
Glue dots are a fantastic way to secure ribbon and gift tags

Step 4. Attach the Greenery Piece

You should have your greenery piece and your gift package with knotted ribbon. First, place the stems of the greenery piece in the middle of the knot. Next, tie another knot around the stems tightly. Then, get the knot as close to the bottom of where the leaves branch out as possible. Tie a bow and fluff as needed. Lastly, secure the stem and leaves with Glue Dots for a better hold.

Tie knot to secure greenery piece

Tie bow around greenery piece

Secure greenery piece with glue dots

finished gift wrapping
Gorgeous gift wrapping anyone can do!

There you have it. Gorgeous gift wrapping in 4 easy steps!


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