Googly Eyes Slime

Your kids will love this green googly eyes slime! Let’s be real, you will totally love this slime.

My daughter has given herself the title of, “professional slime creator.” She told me that she’s very experienced because she’s been creating slime for over two years now. Kids crack me up.

We are always looking for more interesting ingredients to add into our slime. When we saw an entire section of googly eyes at the craft store. It totally fit the bill!


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Tips for Better Slime Making

Elmer’s Glue

We have tried a ton of different ingredients and Elmer’s School Glue makes the best slime. (Amazon has this glue for suuuuuper cheap. I just paid $15 a gallon at the craft store. Amazon currently has 2 gallons for $22! Here it is on Amazon to getcha some!)

ingredients for googly eye slime

Contact Solution

Bausch & Lomb seems to work the best for slime ingredients. It helps allows the texture to congeal nicely. If the slime is too sticky add a few squirts at a time. Once it doesn’t stick to your hands, you’ve added enough. This is the kind I used

Foaming hand soap

This ingredient does two things. 1) Give the slime some puffiness 2) Makes it smell good. Glue by itself does not smell that great so it needs some help. The hand soap makes it smell great!

Food Coloring

10 drops will give you a lighter “glow in the dark” look. For a richer color, add more food coloring. You will want to wear gloves the more you add.

Googly Eyes

A small package (about 250 pieces) of googly eyes will do just fine. As an extra fun bonus to this slime…when you give it a shake, it totally rattles. My little ones loved that!

googly eyes for slime


You will want to knead the slime with both hands once all ingredients are added. This helps the ingredients fully combine.

Kneading slime

green googly eye slime

Googly Eyes Slime

A fun and spooky slime for Halloween. Made with food coloring, basic household products and googly eyes, this slime is sure to have your kiddo going goo goo over it!

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  • 1 c Elmer's school glue White
  • 1 tsp Baking soda
  • 1 T Contact solution
  • 1 T Foaming hand soap to add puffiness
  • 1 tsp Hand lotion for smell
  • 10-15 drops Food coloring green or any color choice, add more to make a richer color
  • 1 small pkg Googly eyes



  1. Put glue in a glass bowl

  2. Add baking soda and stir with a plastic spoon

  3. Add contact solution and stir, add more if needed

  4. Squeeze 10-15 drops of green food coloring into the slime and stir

  5. Stir in foaming hand soap and lotion

  6. Pour entire package into the bowl

  7. Pick up slime from the bowl and knead with hands until googly eyes are mixed in

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