Kids Christmas Wish List – Free Printable

This Kids Christmas Wish List is so fun and festive! A great way for your kid to write his or her favorite things on an adorable Christmas themed print out. Something more exciting than a plain, boring piece of notebook or construction paper!

Kids Christmas Wish List Printable Pinterest Graphic

The Story of Why I created the Kids Christmas Wish List

Each November my kids are so excited to write out their Christmas lists. Usually, they go to the craft drawer and pull out a blank piece of notebook, computer paper, or good old fashioned construction paper. Sometimes I have a spare Christmas letterhead to let them use.

This year I decided to put my graphic design skills to the test and create a simple wish list printable! My kids love snowmen. In fact, our Christmas Tree is usually decorated like a giant snowman! So, naturally I had to incorporate a cute little snowman into the design! I adorned the printable with snowflakes and a cute red and black color scheme and presto, the wish list design was born.

My kids were so excited when I showed them this printable, they couldn’t wait to make a list for each grandmother, friends and me!

Why You Will Love this Wish List Printable

When I created this list I totally had you in mind. A busy mom that loves cute things and creating special memories for your child. You will love this printable because…

The Simple & Festive Design

To help you see what matters the most – What your little one wants for Christmas! Simply have your child write their wish items on the lines provided. If they are like my kids they will list all 8, I asked mine to put a star by the top 3 they want the most!

It Will Keep Your Christmas Shopping Organized

Are you a to do list lover?! Oh yeah girl, me too. So, I incorporated a check box into the design just for us check list lovers!  Once you purchase an item on your kids wish list you can check that box. Be sure to do a little happy dance OR reward yourself with quiet stroll down the isles of target with Starbucks coffee in hand. 😉

Lovely Little Keepsake

The more time goes on the more I realize how fast kids grow up. Before I had kids, I would hear this and think eh, yeah whatever. But truly, you blink and they go from diapers and baby leg rolls to grown looking people with ideas of their very own.

Don’t get sad, this is a happy Christmas post!

All that to say, I am learning to treasure every minute I can with my kids. Making a big deal out of making memories and trying new experiences as a family. I have also tried to video and photograph more moments of them growing up.

This Wish List makes for a cute little photo sesh with your little one. Save it on your phone, then one day when you muster up the time, strength and funds you can upload it to Shutterfly and have that photo book printed. You know, the one you’ve been wanting to buy since your child was born. No? Just me?

Kids Wish List

You Can Personalize it for Your Child

With this Wish List Printable you can personalize it for your child. Just write their name in the cute little red and black box at the top of the page!

Now this Kids Christmas Wish List that my kids love so much, is available to you. For FREE! Click the link below. Happy Christmas shopping!


kids wish list for christmas pinterest graphic


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