Mason Jar Gift Ideas – Office Supplies

What’s bright, colorful and loads of fun for your office supply loving friends or co-worker? This super cute Office Supplies Mason Jar Gift idea!

mason jar gift idea office supplies

 Office Supplies Mason Jar Gift Tutorial

We all have that one friend, or in my case several, that absolutely love cute office supplies. I am also on that bandwagon!  What about you? There’s just something about colorful sticky notes that just make me so happy. An organized office adorned with multi-colored paperclips, a great stapler, adorable note pads with silky writing pens and highlighters galore just takes me to a happy place.

So, I thought why not share my love of office supplies with those I love?! This super cute Mason Jar filled with office supplies is fun, unique and so colorful.


The first thing to consider when making your office supplies mason jar is your budget. The really great thing about a mason jar gift is that you can customize what you want to spend. Another bonus is that office supplies are typically inexpensive for the smaller ones that will fit in a jar.

You can find really cute office supplies at a lot of the discount stores and even Hobby Lobby has some adorable supplies.

For this particular project, I decided to keep it on the less expensive side and spend under $25.

Mason Jar Size

The next thing you want to tackle is what size jar are you wanting to hold all your cute little treasures?

I saw this gorgeous 18″ tall mason jar at TJMaxx for $7.99 and knew it was perfect for office supplies gift jar. I love that the person receiving the gift can get more use out of the jar than a regular gift bag. Great for the kitchen (holding pasta, cereal, or snacks) or bathroom (towels, toiletries/soaps).

mason jar gifts empty jar

What’s Inside the Jar?

Use this Clever Filler

Many people use crinkle paper or tissue paper for filler. To fill my jar I used a gorgeous, colorful and extra functional blanket scarf! Bonus points for finding it at the Target dollar spot for only $7! Score!

scarf for mason jar filler

Office Supplies to Get

The key for filling a Mason Jar is to get supplies that will actually fit! Be sure and take the lid to your Mason Jar with you inside the store when you are shopping for supplies to go inside the jar.

I was able to find pens, neon colored sticky notes, jumbo paper clips, puffy push pins, mini stapler with staples and a multi-colored rubber band ball.  (at Target) Be sure to look for bright supplies with lots of fun neon colors. I chose to really play up the hot pink with my scarf and ribbon colors as well.

I decided to take the supplies out of their bulky packaging and wrap hot pink glitter ribbon around them in a cute little bow.

office supplies for mason jar

office supplies for mason jar gifts

Putting it all Together

First, you will fold in half length wise twice and roll up the blanket scarf like a sleeping bag. Depending on how thick and big the scarf is, you may have to roll tightly and work down through the narrow lid hole.

how to roll a blanket scarf mason jar gift

Place the scarf in the jar fringe side up.

scarf inside mason jar fringe side up

Push the scarf down to make room for the gift items. Place the office supplies inside the jar keeping in mind that you can see them from the outside of the clear jar.

Once all items are arranged neatly inside the jar, screw the lid on.

Tie a Fun Ribbon to Complete the Look

An important part of the gift presentation is the ribbon. I chose this gorgeous sparkly confetti looking ribbon with lots of fun colors.

ribbon for office supplies mason jar

You will want to cut a little extra ribbon length to have enough to tie a bow. You can always trim as needed.

Tie a bow and voila, you have the cutest office supplies gift jar! This will be a hit for sure!

office supplies mason jar gift completed


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