Mason Jar Gift Ideas – Spa in a Jar

Do yo love a day at the spa? Do you love mason jars? And do you love being the most thoughtful gift giver at the party? Well, you will totally love this clever, classic and fun Mason Jar gift for Christmas- Spa in a Jar!

christmas spa mason jar gift

Spa in a Mason Jar Tutorial

Thoughtful gifts are kind of my thing. I love to go the extra mile to do something different for gift giving. The unexpected twist that really makes someone feel special and loved. You too huh? Sometimes it’s easy to run out of ideas but have no fear, I’m here to help! What better way to make your bff feel pampered than a spa in a jar. Classic. Refreshing. Lovely.


First thing to consider is your budget. The really great thing about a gift in a jar is that you can customize what you want to spend. Especially on spa related items. Do you want to hit the dollar spot at target? Or do you want to go all out and buy expensive name brand spa goodies? It’s all up to you.

For this particular project, I decided to keep it on the less expensive side and spend under $25.

Mason Jar Size

The next thing you want to tackle is what size jar are you wanting to hold all your cute little treasures?

I saw this gorgeous 18″ tall mason jar at TJMaxx for $7.99 and knew it was perfect for my spa in a jar. I love that the person receiving the jar gift can get more use out of the jar than a regular gift bag. Great for the kitchen (holding pasta, cereal, or snacks) or bathroom (towels, toiletries/soaps).

mason jar for gifts

Mason Jar Gift Goodies – What’s inside the Jar?

Now, for the fun part. What goes inside the jar?!

I’ve seen other jars use crinkle paper or tissue paper as filler. Cute, but what happens with it? Right, it gets thrown away. Since I totally dig functionality, I decided to use a super chic blanket scarf as filler instead! Yes please!

scarf for spa mason jar

Like I mentioned, I hit the Target dollar spot and scored some adorable spa items. Not limited to a fluffy spa mask, cool cucumber facial mask, yummy smelling bath salts and cozy socks.

For more ideas on things to put in your mason jar gifts, check out my post on Mason Jar gift ideas – Office Supplies!

You may have noticed a color scheme trend. I tried to stay with a minty green, teal and white color scheme just for visual appeal since the mason jar is clear.

gifts inside spa mason jar

Putting it All Together

Now it’s time to put it all together!

First, you will fold and roll up the blanket scarf like a sleeping bag. I put the scarf into the jar fringe side up. Next, add in the smaller gifts (bath salts, socks, facial mask and eye mask) place neatly and spacing out evenly, keeping in mind that you can see into the jar.

Lastly, screw on the lid and tie a pretty Christmas ribbon around the top. You can add an optional name tag if you want. The ribbon I chose was white with silver sparkly snowflakes. Found at your local craft store.

Voila, you have the cutest, luxurious spa in a mason jar gift!

spa in a mason jar gift

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