Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Do you love cute festive holiday things? Do you love mason jars? And do you love being the most thoughtful gift giver at the party? Well, you will totally love these thoughtful and fun Mason Jar gift ideas!

Cute mason jar gifts

Raise your hand if you totally love giving thoughtful gifts…(hand raised). That’s me, and if you’re reading this that’s you too! You look for ways to put some real heart and love into your gift giving. Gift card? Nah. Too impersonal. Card? Nope. Too boring.

When I saw these amazing ginormous mason jars at TJMaxx on the cheap, I knew I had to buy them and fill them with something. When I realized at $7.99 each they cost roughly about as much as a gift bag and tissue paper, I realized these babies would be the perfect gift container!

Side note, it’s great to find gift storage containers (jars, baskets, cloth bags) your gift receiver can actually use!

mason jar for gifts

Now for the fun part. Filling up the jar with gifty goodies!

Can I be real with you for a sec? Christmas gets expensive! I know you know this. But seriously. Everything adds up so quickly so I knew I wanted to keep these mason jar gifts reasonable. Thanks to Target and their amazing Dollar Spot, I was able to get some cute stuff for under $25 per jar!

For goodies, first came to mind a classic spa in a jar. You can’t go wrong with a spa. Ever. You can give several spa items to make your person feel extra special and pampered with just a few simple items. The cool thing is, you can go inexpensive with box store items, or you can hit up a real day spa for more luxurious items. You set the amount, whatever your budget is!

Mason jar gifts with office supplies

Spa in a Mason Jar Tutorial

Learn how to make this luxurious spa in a mason jar gift!

spa in a mason jar gift

Office Supplies Mason Jar Gift Tutorial

Learn how to make this bright, colorful gift jar for all the office supplies lovers in your life!

office supplies mason jar gift completed


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